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And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good… As South Florida Wedding Photographer much of our photography is dependent on good light. Certainly photographers can add light with a flash, but nothing can compare to when we receive a sunset that gives us a glimpse of what it must have looked like on the first day. While Florida does have great sunshine, it’s not too frequently that the clouds and the sun are as amazing as it was for Lisa and Matt’s destination wedding photos at the Pink Shell Resort on Fort Myers beach.

No one can guarantee wedding photography that includes a sunset like this, but there are a few things you do to help give you the best chance of getting great images:

  • Work out with your photographer the timing of your wedding ceremony so that your vows are complete at least one hour before sunset.
  • During your wedding rehearsal identify someone who can guide family and friends to your reception as quickly as possible. This way, the bride and groom can focus on each other and your photographer can focus on capturing great moments in the best light of the day.
  • “Just be” – your guests are now at the reception, the anticipation of the ceremony complete, it’s time to enjoy the moment!  This may sound obvious, but photos capture your emotions and however you’re feeling will be represented in your wedding photos. “Just be”…

Is South Florida Wedding photography in your future? Will your wedding be on Fort Myers Beach or the Pink Shell Resort? If so, contact South Florida Wedding Photographer Erin Wilson of Leap Year Photography to capture your day in the light! Erin has been providing professional photography in South Florida for years. Leap Year Photography is located at 4600 Summerlin Rd Suite C2 #580, Fort Myers, Florida 33919.

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